Tuesday, September 20, 2005

move over oedipus...

... for Mandal Bijoy Beg is here!

more from the Evergreen Mirthfest...


Wah, fanatastico,
A Phoenix, wah!
A work of sculpture
So sublime, so sweet!

A mind so full of peace!
A heart so soft and sublime!

The naked babe,
With so tiny a penis,
Sucking the open plump breast
Of his mother, bonny and nude!

Baby, thou art Innocence
And I Experience!

I am a suffering soul,
Forever lost in gloom
And I do envy thee!


Rimi said...

you dumb woman you! i splashed water all down my front! damn!!! warning, kid, put a warning in bold red before the 'poem'.

babelfish said...

you're kidding, right?!!

Euphoric Dreamer said...

hmm !

Phõéníx said...

Hmm...maybe we should have a special member's section...you know the instant access variety.

Shobhik said...

who'd be allowed then?

we all enjoy this sort of thing you know. you'll be denying us a lot of laughter.
just make a separate comments link on haloscan or something if you want restrictions.

Illusionary said...

oh my goodness!!!!
Is this for real???

Phõéníx said...

Kanti - Maybe you haven't read the comments in JUDE soccer topic.

warm and toasty said...

is MBB gooood or what?

Srin said...

He is my new God.He is the patron saint of bad poets.He has inspired me to write poetry.Just watch the insults,ok?

Soumik said...

oh oh.