Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Middle English lyric

I have a gentil cok,
Croweth me day;
He doth me risen erly,
My matins for to say.

I have a gentil cok,
Comen he is of gret;
His comb is of red corel,
his tayel is of jet.

I have a gentil cok,
So gentil and so smale;
His spores arn of silver white,
Into the worte-wale.

His eynen arn of cristal,
Loken all in aumber;
And every night he percheth him
In min ladyes chaumber.

Middle English Lyrics, ed.Luria and Hoffman;Norton Critical Edition.

[N.B.for my classmates:this is not an attempt to advertise my course!]


Soumik said...


Soumik said...

for once i thot u had come up with this! then i looked at the credits.

Illusionary said...

oh no no..it was another one of those "stupid riddlers" that u guys were criticising, only about 5 centuries later.

Shobhik said...

Man, you actually have to study all this stuff?

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panu said...

okay.... SAJNIDI got you .. did'nt she>?????//