Friday, September 28, 2007

Cute Words(Sniglets)

Once upon a time,on a rainy morning ,when most of Kolkata was dripping wet,I decided to google cute words and add them to my list of already cute words.Whether you find them cute,"bisgusting"or downright silly,is of course,a matter of perspective,but here are the words that I found:

Now, Sniglets are words which are "supposed to be found in the dictionary,but aren't".For instance,IF Beyonce Knowles's famous "Bootylicious"wasn't included in the English Dictionary(now it is)it would probably be classified as a 'Sniglet'Comedian Rich Hall is the 'inventor'if I may say so or conjuror(because I think Sniglets are MAGIC!)of the word "Sniglet".

So here's my mini-list of 'Sniglets'

Biscuits that taste disgusting:Bisgusting
the odour that emanates from you after a LENGTHY aerobics exercise:Aeroma
A combination of scrumptious and delicious:Scrumptilicious(I'm sorry,I can't seem to be thinking of ANYTHING but food lately)(This one's from Enid Blyton-more specifically-Secret Seven)
The loose strand of spagetti that beats one around the chin and whiskers:Spagellum
Aquadextrous-the ability to turn off water with both toes)
Fonesia:Forgetting to dial the entire phone number of a particular person while you were almost About to finish dialling it.
Captain Kirk,in his famous Sniglet Blog,defines 'Optograviphobia'as "The Unreasoning fear that a man's eyeglasses will slide off his face into some unpleasent(sic)"

Okay,in a pathetic attempt I've come up with my own 'Sniglets'

Here goes

Dlowning:Drowning while attempting to be funny(this is a 'mule'really-a cross between clown and drowning)

Kiwisitosis:Addiction to kiwi fruit

Assfixation:the disease which ABSOLUTELY forces you to remain err...TRANSFIXED to a person's posterior for the longest time

Bloggerbitosis:People that unnecessarily bite bloggers...

Can you come up with any more 'Sniglets?'

Thursday, September 27, 2007

When comes such another?

People have been wondering "After Sandy leaves who will take care of the forum?" "After Deep leaves, who will take care of The Blabberwocky?" but people One important question...

"After Mahadyuti leaves, Who will collect money and organise stuff???"

Who will be the next bakra of JUDE? Who will attempt to fill Mahadyuti's jeans?
Who will it be?

Monday, September 03, 2007

Anyone willing to take in a month-old kitten?