Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gone to the dogs

Recently there has been a lot of opposition against the presence of dogs in the department. For those who believe that dogs are not allowed on campus in eminent universities please take a look at the documents (i'll send you the links if you want me to) now gracing the Blabberboard (JUDE corridor) and the comments spawned by the said yellowing sheets of paper. As i said, the departmental/university dogs are not pets--they are strays. The only way to stop them rummaging in the bins for food is to control their ever increasing population. This post is to inform you that thanks to the enterprising UG2 students, we are probably soon gonna have all dogs spayed /neutered and vaccinated. I will personally vaccinate PMD this Thursday (he has been de-wormed last week). Please let's not divide the department into camps of pro and against. All that is asked for is a little patience (since we have undertaken to pay for said sterilization and vaccination of the dogs). Thank you.

Madhura, PG II