Sunday, May 27, 2007

Attention, Job-Seekers!

The Telegraph Young Metro is looking for writers. Those interested, call Sayoni at 9836548508.

(From Erythrocyte, whose broadband has unfortunately tanked.)

PS: There won't be any money involved, so only go for this if you want bylines/writing practice.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Research course 11 to 15 June for ex-PGs

The School of Cultural Texts and Records is holding a course for postgraduates in research methods from 11 to 15 June 2007 in the Project Room. Anyone who's finished their MA (ie PG2) can apply. This is being run for the fellows of the school to give them a grounding in research skills, bibliography, archival research, electronic techniques and book history, but 20 outside applicants will be selected.

You need to have passed your MA with 55%(B+) or have given your finals with 55% average in your other sems. The age limit is 25 years. The course fee is Rs 250/-

Please apply on plain paper with a copy of your marksheet or grade card with full contact details including email, phone no and address. Leave the application, addressed to the Director, SCTR, in the project room on the fourth floor next to film studies on any working day from 11.30 am and 4.30 pm. The last date is 18 May.

Courses for next sem

List of Courses to be Offered in the First Semester 2006-07

Here they are! PGs will sign up in the beginning of next sem, to allow PG1 a chance. UG2, UG3 have already signed up, but there may be a few slots available. If you haven't already signed, get in touch with us now.

UG Core
Course Title Course Coordinator
UG1 English Literature 1760-1830 Rafat Ali
UG1 English Literature 1830-1900 Abhijit Gupta
UG2 History of Language, and Old and Middle English Literature Prodosh Bhattacharya
UG2 English Literature 1500-1630 Paromita Chakraborty
UG3 English Literature 1900-2000 Sonia Shahoo

PG Core
Course Title Course Coordinator
PG1 Medieval and Renaissance Literature Sukanta Chaudhuri
PG1 English Literature 1830-1900 Shanta Dutta
PG2 English Literature 1900-2000 Shobha M. Chattopadhyay
PG2 Literary Theory and Culture Studies Supriya Chaudhuri

Extra Departmental Courses
Course Title Course Coordinator
UG1 English Skills A Saswati Haldar
UG1 English Literature and Culture A (Reading Practice) Paromita Chakraborty

UG Optionals
Cluster A
Course Title Course Coordinator
Chaucer and Langland Sajni Mukherji
Renaissance Drama Excluding Shakespeare Swapan Chakravarty

Cluster B
Course Title Course Coordinator
Literature of the English Revolution (UG 3 only) Amlan Dasgupta
British Romantic Women Poets Malabika Sarkar
The Age of Enlightenment Chandreyee Niyogi

Cluster C
Course Title Course Coordinator
Drama in Practice UG2 only Ananda Lal
Writing in Practice UG3 only Rimi B. Chatterjee
Modernist Prose Santanu Biswas
American Novels Shobha M. Chattopadhyay
Tragedy Shanta Dutta
Settler Colony Literature Nilanjana Deb

PG Optionals
Course Title Course Coordinator
Drama in Practice PG1 only Ananda Lal
Writing in Practice PG2 only Rimi B. Chatterjee
Linguistics Sonia Shahoo
Shelley Rimi B. Chatterjee
Foucault Chandreyee Niyogi
Milton Amlan Dasgupta
Old English Prodosh Bhattacharya
Poetry, Politics and Society, 1660-1760 Malabika Sarkar
Caribbean Literature Nilanjana Deb
Special author: R.L Stevenson Abhijit Gupta
Post Modern Fictions Nilanjana Gupta
Science and Victorian Poetry Saswati Haldar
Structure, Sign and Play Santanu Biswas

Comparative Literature Cross-listed Courses (PG)
Course Title Course Coordinator
Comparative Cultural Studies TBA
Area Studies (Canada/Bangladesh/Latin America/Africa) TBA