Friday, July 15, 2005


“Every time you see the word ‘unnatural’ in Renaissance drama, be prepared for Parental Guidance. There’s going to be incest in it.”
- Swapanda on Renaissance Political Thought!!

“In the 18th century opera-houses, some people were fighting, some people were wandering backstage and some people were eating fruit.”
- Tintinda, on Englishmen and The Beggar’s Opera

“Try not to use the acronym for the Oxford History of English Literature – O Hell!”
- SukChau, in form.

“For a long time I have been taking classes with two people. Sometimes three. This is so disconcerting.”

- PB, on being faced with a class of 40-odd.

Dibyajyoti: “He goes to Hell…”
SukChau: “Yes. But he doesn’t stay there, poor

-SukChau, wanting to know the story of The Divine Comedy.

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Bah! That ALMOST makes me want to go right back to college so I can hear more of these gems. But, er, Puja holidays and all...