Thursday, July 14, 2005


Well... this blog thingummy is rather ripping. Finally, the march of progress has caught up. this BlabberBlog is delightful. Thanks, Sandy.

Now then, here's a sneak preview of the imminent assault on the collective Judean senses, viz., THE EDITORIAL.......

" ..... Write.
Kanti & Sudipto
P.S. Be cool. Check out the BlabberBlog at
Grab your invites while they last!! "

To read more of the scintillating new editorial, rush to your nearest BlabberBoard (or pay me some money and I'll mail it you).


Teleute said...

ore shala! amake thank u bol! noile toh BlabberBlog-er kotha janteo partis na coll na khola obdhi!

dis BlabberBot is officially offended. hmph.

Phõéníx said...

Agreed...but Kanti and deep deserve most credit for getting the original one going. I'd like to know however where exactly is Mr.Deb Biswas?

Deep said...

Are we creditstorming here???

Deep said...

btw, how do u get that pic beside u?? do tell.

Teleute said...

err, dat's mr. de biswas, sandy! n i met him inline - his response is dat he'll get dwn to it soon enuff!

Illusionary said...

can u tell me what the point is of placing the web address of the blabberwocky blog on the site itself???

Deep said...

i say, illusionary, whoever u are, if u'd stop being stupid for half a second and read the post more carefully, u'd find it's a sneak preview of the editorial, that's gonna be up on the REAL blabberwocky. SHEESH!!!