Thursday, July 21, 2005


Does this blog have enough football aficiandos for me to shamelessly promote football in JU or do I have to be ashamed about it? Guys and gals (no discrimination at all) LET'S PLAY! We've got a field, we've got (foot)balls, heck we've got corridors... and let's not forget, we're the most skilled footballers around. Who else in the whole wide world has played football-tennis in a corridor?
Also in news, There's a Clean-up Drive on Monday at 9:30am( I think).Check with someone better informed.


Soumik said...

yes the clean-up is at 9.30 monday morning. tintinda's gonna be there with his trident. rimidi joins us a li'l later. that's if there's an us.

Phõéníx said...

There's 6:30 n the JU field...all yer budding Samba stars bring yer arses to the field! Anyone with a functional leg is invited.

Illusionary said...

where are we cleaning?across the jheel or anywhere else?