Friday, July 15, 2005

April Fools'

Well, this (along with other, equally cheap potshots at profs) appeared on the BlabberBoard on the 1st of April, 2005, and created quite a stir, believe you me. It seems we haven't lost our flair for yellow journalism yet, eh?

Today being All Fools’ Day, Blabberwocky will carry highly objectionable remarks and expletives. Please feel free to feel offended.

P.S. Blabberwocky is not responsible for the standard of drivel it carries today. All responsibility is merely coincidental.

P.P.S. Blabberwocky’s now legendary ideal of anonymity may or may not be adhered to.

And now, here are the much-debated comments.

Critically analyse and creatively ruminate over the lost locks of Tintinda …

  • Who cares why he did it!?! He’s looking DAMN cute!!
  • They were beginning to look like a new species of fungus.
  • Overheating, mebbe???
  • “Rape of the Lock” – someone calling himself Samson Agonistes (methinks this was Samantakda).
  • The “lion” minus the mane, ehh?!! (Rafatda, I think)
  • Licentious lice.
  • The locks were growing inwards.
  • They were getting in the way during karate classes!!
  • HIGHLY UNFAIR – first he looked like a college kid, now he looks like a schoolboy. Gives him ample scope to sneak up on people discussing him.
  • The imagined existence of his locks as knitting yarn for his innumerable pet cats.

  • And this one was suggested by the man himself –
    “Hadst thou…been content to seize
    Hairs less in sight, other hairs than these.” !!!


Rimi said...

yes, yes, that's all very well, delighted to relive and everything, but what happened to the rest of the comments, huh? and since we are so hot on quotes, what abt ADG's 'big brother is watching"? i thought that was hilarious!

Deep said...

yes, but that wasn't on blab, u know. it was just something he said when he saw someone writing something about him.
as for the rest, i'll opost them later. no time. busy man, u see. oh, and, er..umm..ahem...i kinda,er...can't locate the sheet that said "when was the last time u thought ur prof belonged in the nuthouse". maybe kanti has it???

Illusionary said...

oh please do..those were rather funny...maybe we could create a few more and put them on the blog.