Thursday, July 14, 2005

Editorial 2

In a bid to create an archive to rival every other major archive, all the cool stuff that's been on Blabberwocky will be posted. So, here's the second editorial that came out.
Please note: We think our editorial was rather cool.

Blabberwocky is Overjoyed, Ecstatic, and Shocked out of its Smelly Socks to announce that readership has increased, from a previous high of 2 (editors included) to a staggering 7 and a half. The editors claim full credit for this phenomenal upsurge of interest in the inane and demand an immediate refund on their overheads – Rs.14/- for the cello tape and a madur for Rimidi. The pins come free.

It is with a sense of Doylesque beguilement that we note the tendency of BlabLit towards anonymity. You actually believed our “anonymity is guaranteed” bull. It amazes us. We at Blabberwocky feel this is a determined stand in the denying of intellectual property rights. We’re still unsure of exactly how.

In keeping with this recent and evidently popular tradition, therefore, the editors shall henceforth also remain anonymous. We think that’s a rather cool idea.

Blabberwocky’s come out with some great stuff these past few days. We’ve had a triptych cartoon by Anon; a Song for Seventeen Paise by , coincidentally, Anon; severe meditations on the sense of humour of hammers, again by Anon; and a very boring newsletter of the Be Serious Society (founded, among others, by Anon). Which makes one wonder - how, with this enormously talented Anon character around, did Soumik and Aritra ever manage to get put up?

So keep sending us radicalchics and salmonofdoubts. Especially if they’re by Anon.

Thank you,



Rimi said...

darling, did i notice you saying stuff sbout my pink font earlier? *squiggly eyebrows*
"watch out, smartass!" is all i can say now. i hope to follow that up, so watch out, smartass!

Deep said...

Priyanka, BAH!!