Sunday, January 01, 2006



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Just incase you're wondering WHY?!?!?!


The Ancient scriptures tell us that...In the End...Man makes a Mess.
And this usually upsets the Gods.

So, Man left the Mess behind and moved to greener pastures.
(Honestly, it does look greener under the magnifying glass!)

Unfortunately, he found that it had already been occupied.
Even still, he tried to conquer the land.

However...on closer inspection, he found it to be an even Bigger Mess.
So he was forced to look elsewhere.

The answer loomed upon the horizon!

...and he hired a proffessional to lead him there.

As always...there were those who refused to budge.

Things soon turned ugly for them.

The Gods made an example of one of them.
68,000 stared on in horror.

So...right at The End...everyone made the journey to Paradise.
( Even though they had to work harder! )

And some took their dogs along.

There were places to go...things to see. It was a whole new experience.

And now they're calling you to join them at a place they call home...

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Deep said...


Phõéníx said...

Hehe! Thanks. Looking forward to seeing you at the new Blab forum.

Illusionary said...

very nicely done...but why?

Illusionary said...

oh lord.its way too complicated...
how dyu use the damn thing??The new blabb makes no sense to me!

Soumik said...

yes. why? i'll miss the simple blog.

Phõéníx said...

Well...some of us were complaining of the blog not loading on their machines. This was because of the sheer size of this blog. A blog is not meant to accomodate so many people ideally. We needed a forum. I originally had the forum in mind when we started the online Blab.

The only reason we began with a blog is because we knew that some people blog regularly...and hence are familiar with this...think of the blog to be the fancy shop window attracting passersby. Give the forum an honest chance...and you will come to like it. Everything is exactly the same. Trust me.

The Blabberwocky Blog was a poster...while the forum is like looking at the 'Contents' page of a magazine. You click on the topic that interests you...and it opens up. If someone leaves a comment...or chooses to build on your original article...the option remains open. Its a breeds discussion.

We need new articles on the new Blab...please join...and please post.

Deep said...

what happens to all the articles on the old blab???

Phõéníx said...

Well...once people register on the new Blab...I'm sure they can post them there. We really need new articles for the new Blab. Why not start be relocating these older ones? Besides...we can create any new sections if and when needed. Suggestions are always welcome.

Insiya said...

I am not being able to register on the new forum.. I mean I am not being able to find the link or something like that, in the first place, the tech-retard that I am. Kindly guide.

Srin said...

Me neither. "I am not being able" LOL.

Phõéníx said...

Hmmm...I'm guessing you haven't entered the Comments/Suggestions/Queries section. Go into that section first and read the announcement and the sticky thread.(It tells you to in the description dumdum!) Anyway...there is a large picture of a receptionist scribbling away on the blab...THAT IS THE REGISTRATION LINK! lol!

Srin...after all those years on ctta...shame on you! :D :D :D

Soumik said...

forums are always much more interactive and all. true.


1) blab started out as a wall-mag. that character of the old blab woould be lost in an online forum. why not have both?

2) the blog is functionally simpler and more elegant. a forum has many more opportunities, conceded. but it misses the sheer warmth and friendliness of a familiar blog.

3) the forum would never be this visually sumptuous, will it?

my suggestion is to stick to both. a blog and a forum need not be mutually exclusive.
but seeing that continuin this blog rite now mite discourage people form actively involving themselves with the forum, let's think of reviving the blog after a couple of months at the most. wat say?

Phõéníx said...

We're not getting rid of this blog. Its there for everyone to see. You can always access the articles through the sidebar. Maintaining both blog and forum will result in atleast one being neglected...if not both. Good thing you pointed that out yourself.

But we'll try and work something out. Thanks for the input. Don't worry...this Blab is not being deleted anyway.

Rimi said...

Fucking hilarious! Incredible sales pitch, Sand! *claps*

(also, let this be proof that I was here. Hrrumph.)

Phõéníx said...

Thanks...and er...and we're doubting this because? :)

the wizard of az said...

I actually think that the forum could be as warm and personal as we want it to be. It's like this party where you can click with some group(topic or section) and do what you like. And that's a good party. You don't really hang out with the whole group at one time. and that's what (I think) began to happen on the blog. One was faced with the entire party (which slowed things down as well.)
So kudos to you, S, for getting the forum to us. I also agree with S(the other one) about keeping the blog. Simply because the party is already here. And ofcourse, we really ought to party. As Deep once said, we're in the prime of our lives and there is a connection between being in the prime of our lives and the need to party. Hard.

Deep said...

I did??

Deep said...