Sunday, November 06, 2005

Well, the puja is finally over and college starts again tomorrow.It will be great to be back and see everyone...however,I dread the classes that UG3 will be having for the rest of the month.Tests, term papers, exams...shudder shudder.Not to mention waking up early.I guess all of us feel the same na?As Teleute mentioned today, it would have been fun if we had college during vacation, which would be college but no college.
And maybe you guys cld do something about the actual Blab, the one on the wall I mean.


Soumik said...

well its nt like ur oposts generate too many comments either it seems!

panu said...

well, UG3... think of December when your seniors will have to face the pains of being alive... i.e. term papers, end sems, and no previous knowledge about any of it.