Saturday, October 08, 2005

And Back Again

Well...Blabberwocky, in conjunction with the Cornell University Literature Dept., is organising an online protest parade against thinkers, intellectuals and philosophers. Those of you blessed enough to actually have a fast internet connection can watch the parade (which will take place in Ithaca, New York State) Wednesday week, the 19th of October, on the Cornell website. And now, for some more grotesque ways in which thinkers are some I came up with after a prolonged session in the watering hole :

Samuel Beckett - impatience
Roland Barthes - destructured (Aniruddh suggests 'orgasmed'!)
Mikhail Bakhtin - eaten by circus lions
Edward Said - shanghaied

Thank You. Stay tuned.

Ed's note: Vladimir Propp just folkin' died!


Srin said...

LOL,me!me!I wanna go on that march.Lets have one in JU?

warm and toasty said...

yes, let us pliss to be marching.
pliss pliss.


Serious? And yeah, we should have one in JU too.

Ew formalism :P

panu said...

since my computer conked out at the right time, i missed the protest. ButI came back with a vitally cool way out dear friend Lacan can die---

He Lost Significance.