Saturday, March 01, 2008

Pune based website looking for Editor cum Communications Manager

Starting pay would be anywhere between Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 25,000 for the right person.

1. What do we do?

We are developing a fantasy betting portal ( where users can bet on Sports, Entertainment, (and soon) Current Affairs and Business events using virtual currency.
Along with the game the portal will also have typical social networking features (like Orkut) built around the game.
Users can also play the game in private / public groups on events of their choice e.g. you just want to play with your circle of friends and only on cricket.

2. Who are we? - Management Team at MindHive Labs

• Rajesh Kallidumbil, Co-Founder - A Computer Science engineer from Cochin University, Rajesh has worked in the IT services industry for 3 years between Covansys and Kanbay before doing his MBA from IIM Lucknow (2006). Post-MBA, he was working as a trader with ICICI Bank's Treasury Dept. in London. Currently, he is responsible for managing the Technical Development and Finances at MindHive Labs.

• Siddhartha Saha, Co-Founder - Siddhartha is an Electronics and Telecomm Engineer from PICT, Pune University. He worked for a year and a half with Kanbay before going for his MBA to IIM Calcutta (2006). He has also attended a term at Copenhagen Business School where he studied International Entrepreneuship. He was working as a management consultant with Feedback Ventures' Infrastructure Advisory Division after his MBA. Currently, he is in charge of Marketing and Business Development at MindHive Labs.

• Hariharan K, Co-Founder - Hari is a Mechanical Engineer from R.E.C. Suratkal and was working with IBM for three years before doing MBA from IIM Calcutta (2006). Post-MBA, he was working as an Equity Research Analyst with Irrevna prior to joining MindHive Labs. Hari, is an active sports
enthusiast and was the Sports Secretary in the Student's Council at IIM Calcutta. He is responsible for Product Management at MindHive Labs

• Sunil Jain (Design and Architecture Consultant) - Sunil hold’s a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering from IIT Kanpur, with 8+ years of experience in developing Enterprise Software. He has been involved in all stages of software development lifecycle, from requirement analysis to customer support. He has worked with cross-geographical teams, and handled
multiple projects simultaneously. He is advising us on technical design and architecture issues.

• Prashant Gupta, Independant Advisor - Prashant is working as a Principal Product Manager with Microsoft India. Prior to joining Microsoft Prashant was a Vice President with Sequoia Capital India. Before Sequoia, Prashant worked extensively in the field of software product development at Microsoft Corporation and i2 Technologies. His area of expertise is Business Solutions including Transaction Management, Supply Chain Management and CRM applications. Prior to i2, Prashant worked at McKinsey & Co. advising clients in the areas of strategy, operations management and performance improvement in airline and banking industries. Prashant received an MBA from IIM Calcutta where he was awarded the President's Gold Medal. He also holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur where he was awarded a Special Award for Academic Excellence.

3. Where are we located?

We are based out Pune. Currently we are working out of an apartment close to Kalyaninagar.
Exact Address: MindHive Labs Solution Pvt. Ltd.
9 / F-9, Hermes Heritage Phase 2
Shastrinagar, Yerawada
Pune – 411006
Contact No: 020-26690448
Email id: /

4. What are we looking for? - The job profile

Looking for an Editor-cum-communications manager who can catch the pulse of the nation and come up with interesting and popular / controversial bets for our users to speculate on. He/she should be in tune with what makes the nation tick. The idea is to constantly come up with bets that would attract people’s attention.
The person would also be a part of our marketing team and would help in preparing our marketing communication and come up with creative ideas.

More specifically the job would include -
• Taking strategic editorial policy decisions – i.e. decide on what kind of events we should cover and what not; what kind of bets to have.
• Generating interesting bets, monitoring them, and settling the bets – we have a backend system for this, you just need to do the job!
• Preparing all our key marketing communications – mailers, posters, content on the site, any kind of creative; viral communication etc.

We would not
• bind you by processes
• promote you every 2 years
• send you to class for trainings
• give you a fancy designation
• provide cab for pick and drop

You can expect
• quality work
• respect for your ideas & creative freedom
• responsibility and accountability
• wearing 'multiple hats'
• your contributions reflecting in company's progress
• high rewards and shared ownership of company through stock options


Anonymous said...

Your Idea of generating bets is quite dumb.Be careful, you can get into a lot of trouble.Sad to know you guys are IIT's and IIM's who trying out such dumb things.Call it Mindless Labs instead of Mindhive Labs.

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