Monday, December 10, 2007

A word of Ad-vice

Wokay so this blog is becoming less and less about the blabberbots and more about photographs and finicky questions.

Dear people who are about to depart... GET A HOLD ON YOURSELF. I SURVIVED IT, and YOU GUYS WILL TOO.

Get over the farewell bit. You people are bound to come back and smoke up outside the classrooms and make out inside them and get sloshed in random places.

My advice to the departing Seniors : TEACH THE KIDS THE SALIENT ART OF Lyaeding.

Very important, that. It makes a mind philosophical. It brings out odd quirks about oneself... from detesting chocolate sauce to being the next masochist.... Anything is possible between one ring of cigarette smoke and another.

On another note, LISSEN PEOPLE WE LOVE YOU BUT WE KNOW THAT OUTSIDE JUDE IS A BIG WORLD. And we are not afraid to shove you guys into it. We have muscles. And we have Oomph. We can bust you with either. Or both. Take your pick.

And ok, yes. For Deep. Sit on anyone's face for all we care but don't repeat that song during your own farewell.... Decomposing composers is much better. You can even try the loony bun one. It helps if you sing it while hanging from a tree gracing Milan Da's and attempt to have sex with the black-evolution-monkey-turned-Michael-Jackson dustbin that we have. It clearly states on it : USE ME.

Now Sandy, stop grinning that little I-Know-What-You-Did-On-Friday-The-Thirteenth-At-Princeton -and-I'm-not-Afraid-to-Use-It grin that you possess. Its just plain mean. Makes us lesser mortals feel even more less (And yes I have heard the Curveball Jokes and still think Less is More)....

Auritro and Somnath. Please Assign another set of Ook Ooks {read Tweedledee and Tweedledum(b)} in your place. In case you guys have found them already, I would say.... I always trusted your eff-iciency. If you have not... What the Ef are you two doing hanging around?

Dyuti... Find someone who can do the farewell video. Find someone who can be the general Collector and Editor and Organiser extraordinaire... We need one. Assign more than one people because you're like a one man army. Please Please Please.


Disclaimer : In small prints, I would like to mention that this is all relevant, but uh, my blog account has been hacked recently so it can be anyone who wrote this. If people come after me with coffee cups I shall not drink from it. I readily declare that my mother is a hamster and my father smells of elderberries. Actually he smells of rum, but no one's coming over to my house to smell him... so there!!


ruby tuesday said...

*raises hand*

i can do video.
if i'm given food forit.

Anonymous said...

I also volunteer provided I don't have to go collecting money. While we are at it people, including those in need of the farewell, can also give reasonable and practical suggestions. Reasonable AND Practical . So do not ask for belly dancers. You wont get them no matter how hard you (and we) want them.


panu said...

surojoy can be an exceptional belly dancer if pursued.

Btw who am I to ask for belly dancers? Yougogetem

@chhutta - food?

tor pechhone je sukantoda tara korbe na sei anonde thaak.