Saturday, December 24, 2005

Tis The Season to be Ugly

Tis The Season to be Ugly

A Chirstmas Disco-bhaari!!! Read All About IT!!!

Presenting to you a piece of Panu-Type sensetionalism that will knock this generally peacefully nonsensical blog out of its seat and into MAYHEM.

A research on the nature of Christ's Conception and the CONSEQUENCE on Mankind.

Here's a little sample below:
......I mean, what was Joseph doing with his wife… family planning? And even if he was, why was he not popping the damn fruit, for Christ’s sake? Was he waiting for Christmas to unravel that particular present? (Oops, I think he was…)"

Read and be Amazed!!

Read and be Shocked!!

Read all about the weepy side-effects of writing this particular thing on "aibbappsss!!!"

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