Thursday, March 02, 2006

see you on the 10th

“We have to wait”
“Whether we like it or not.”

We’re all waiting. All of us. I’m waiting for to be the next big thing in the Copywriting world. You are waiting for this play to be staged. The person next to you is possibly waiting to get back home. The person in front is waiting for a big wad of cash.

Didi and Gogo, two unidentifiable people are waiting for Godot.

But what happens when Godot dies? What happens when I know for certain that I will never get what I want? What will you do when you suddenly hear that this play will never begin? What will the person next to you do when he finds out his house has been burnt to ashes?

Do we stop waiting? Or do we wait for something else? Someone else?

The PlayMakers present Death of a Godot. A take off from Samuel Becket’s Waiting for Godot. A deconstruction if you will. It is through this play that you will see two very different people. Didi and Gogo. Didi, the somewhat dumb, but all knowing man and Gogo, the innocent and yet wise woman.

They are pilgrims. Like you and me. Dying to get back to their home. Like you. What they need are the keys. The keys of course, are with Godot. And that is why they must wait for him to come.

One wonders. WHY are Didi and Gogo homeless? Why don’t they have a home? Why do they sleep on this bench every night and why do they talk themselves to sleep? Did they have a home before? And if they did, why were they thrown out? Had someone committed a sin?
Only one man can answer these questions. Godot.

“He said that he would come today.”
Yes, he did. Or they think he did. But either way, the arrival never takes place. For reasons unknown, Godot dies.

The keys have not been left behind, so Didi and Gogo find themselves doing the inevitable. Waiting. Yet again.

However, Godot is not the only one who is killed. Pozzo is killed too. That just leaves Didi, Gogo and Lucky.

And you, the audience. The “Them”.
You who will come to watch not a play but glimpses of life. You, who “hold hands in the dark.” You who “kiss in the dark.” You who “talk in the dark”.

You become a bond, a fellowship, a brotherhood – but in the dark.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you Death of a Godot. Sit back, relax and watch some people who are as lost as you or me.

It’s shocking.

Tickets are on sale. Rs 50.

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