Thursday, November 03, 2005

Will the real dude please stand up?

The world is full of shit. That, whether you choose to ignore it or believe it, is the fact. There is shit all around us.

And the shittiest part is that we walk on it. The shit has become a world. There is no walking space left in our sad lives. We find ourselves walking in a quicksand of shit.

Of mirthless muck.

The more we try and get out of it, the more smelly we become. The more disgusted we get with ourselves. But the funny, and almost ironical thing is that we dont want to get out of it. Habit? Maybe. Maybe we've just got used to being in this mess. We've gotten used to being disgusted. Nothing disgusts us any more.

No one stands up and shouts. There is a multitude. There is a throng. But there is no ONE who stands up and says that he doesnt belong here. That he wants to change anything. Everyone has got used to it. Everyone has become everything he sees.


And yet, the most funniest part, I think is WHY people dont speak out. Because, by speaking out, they would be breaking one of the most fundamental rules of society. The unwritten rule of being a hypochrite.

If they speak out, if they stand up among the throng, they will be expelled from an exile they didnt belong to in the first place.

Why does no one speak out?

Has everyone reconciled themselves to everything?

WHy does no one stand up?

Speak out. It matters.


good morning, midnight said...

Hypocrite, not hypochrite. Anyway, apart from the nitpicking, what is it exactly that we must speak out against? Why? The way I see it, most of us "intellectuals" are rather busy speaking out instead of doing anything. It worries me, seriously, because I think I too fall in the group of so-called " hypocrites". Speaking out is productive only when it leads to positive and real change, real having the pedestrian meaning attached to it, rather than the old burden of philosophical debate. Specificity is a wonderful and necessary gift and attribute, whilst vague angst is not.

Sorry if I have offended anyone.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the meaning will be slightly clearer once Blabbermouth is read.

Soumik said...

well if blab'mouth leads ppl to speaking out, err... i better not say the rest.

Talking Contradiction said...

You've had your say soumik. And I have had mine.

panu said...

dear topic starter... STOP MISQUOTING EMINEM!!!!

Life IS full of shit... its like sajnidi... you just Cant throw her off the balcony! So I suggest you STOP Trying.
After all, the worst is perhaps right behind the corner... Wont you... You SADOMASOCHISTIC FREAK see through it??????
P.S. did i get the last spelling wrong???

panu said...

P.P.S. Check out my link ....


Raj said...

If you haven't read or heard Tupac, try to check his "speaking out" and maybe you will like it. Tupac Shakur is way better than EMINEM, and yes he is dead.

panu said...

or maybe i will try Elvis... Now thats one person who's like... dead as a DOORNAIL but then again, who gives a damn after you "lose yourself"??