Saturday, October 08, 2005

Comfortably Dumb

Its crazy. It is absolutely crazy.
Where were they? All these months? Where were they? The streets were empty, people could walk without getting injured, cars could go from PArk Street to New Ampire in 10 minutes. So where did they come from?

How many are there?

We just die for a line, dont we? I mean, we all just adore lines. When the Durga Pujo is NOT on, then we just have to be satisfied with the occasional auro line. But Come October..Wohooooo! Any line baby! You want auto? No problem! You want Bata? Sure thing. You want a pandal? Coming right up!

I saw this line stretching from Golpark to Pantaloons. (I am NOT exaggerating) And for what? For the opening of a shop. Or maybe a pandal.

Am I dumb or are they?

Leave some sugar outside, and in a day you will see ants you didnt know existed. You have no idea where they came from. You never saw them around the house before...And yet, come sugar, and they are there.

But there's a certain warmth to it, isnt there? A certain 'touch'...A feel good factor. One doesnt mind the long queues, the sweaty people, the screaming kids. Its Pujo, after all.

Happy Pujo All!


Euphoric Dreamer said...

queues ?
simple logic : FIFO
First in First out *lol*

Illusionary said...

r those ur feet?