Monday, October 31, 2005


Checking mail? Surfing? Getting bored right? Want some gossip? Need some scandal in your vein? Need that rush of blood?

Find out who's who. Who's wearing what? Who's doing what where.

Which chick has the tatoo, who got caught in the loo, who gets his arse spanked publicly.

blabbermouth-an expose'.

Don't be caught without it. Dont be caught doing it.


Get your copy now.

Contact me at 98312 34091.
Introductory offer: Rs 40.


Soumik said...

interesting. you can send me a free introductory copy for an exclusive review on the blab ;D

Illusionary said...

oh?and do u have all the answers to these questions?
soumik,i shall borrow your free introductory copy when ur done with it!